Indonesia Government Will Not Protect Paskah and Kaban

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:“The government will accept the court’s verdict,” said Kalla yesterday. If
found guilty, said Kalla, the ministers and council members will be replaced. “It is regulated so in the Constitution,” he said.

The two ministers currently reported to be involved in the case are State Minister for National Development Planning, Paskah Suzetta and Forestry Minister M.S Kaban. Both are suspected of accepting bribes from BI, which
disbursed funds to members of the DPR’0s Commission IX for Finance and Banking in 2003.

Hamka Yandhu, Commission IX former chairman who is now detained, revealed Paskah and Kaban’s role when he was questioned on April 24.

Hamka admitted to having accepted and distributed BI’s funds of Rp 31,5 billion under Paskah’s orders. Hamka claimed to report to Paskah after he met with BI officials who handed the money.

“Just go,” said Hamka in his testimony, quoting Paskah. “I considered that an order,” Hamka said. At the time, Paska was the IX Commission vice chairman.

Hamka added that Paskah then decided who got how much. He further said that Paskah took around Rp 1 billion. Hamka admitted receiving Rp 500 million as his share.

In the Corruption Court last Monday, Hamka reconfirmed his testimony. “For Paskah, I forgot the exact amount but it was around Rp 1 billion,” said Hamka. “I gave him the money myself in four installments,” he added.

Meanwhile according to Hamka, Minister M.S Kaban received around Rp 300 million as a representative from the Crescent Star Party (PBB). "He was much involved in amending the BI Law," testified Hamka. "I gave the money
to Kaban myself,” said Hamka at the court.

Hamka further said that BI funds were also distributed to all Commission IX members and sub-committee chairman, altogether around 50 people. The fund was to faciliate the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Support (BLBI) case and
the amendment to the BI Law.

Until this report went to print, minister Paskah has not spoken openly about his involvement. “I do not want to create a polemic in mass media,’ he said last Sunday. “I will speak in court,” he added.

Minister Kaban denied Hamka’s charges. “I never received any money,” he claimed last Monday. He maintained he officially gave the KPK his clarification but refused to reveal its content, saying, “It is confidential".

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