Reviews of Christian Leadership Books

All the books we review here, we would recommend! However, whilst one star books are helpful - they are usually fairly basic introductions to the subject, four star books are definitely worth hunting down since each one will have something outstanding about it. We'd love to receive your comments on the books we've reviewed, or any reviews of other leadership titles that you've read and would recommend to other leaders -
Book of the Month
  1. Understanding Leadershipby Tom Marshall Barna, George,
  2. Leaders on Leadership Blanchard, Hybels & Hodges,
  3. Leadership by the Book Chalke, Steve,
  4. Making a Team Work. Drucker Foundation,
  5. The Leader of the Future Eims, Leory,
  6. Be the Leader you were meant to Be Ford, Leighton,
  7. Transforming Leadership Gaukroger, Stephen, Battleground Marshall, Tom
  8. Understanding Leadership Maxwell, John
  9. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Maxwell, John
  10. Developing the Leader within you Preston, John,
  11. Leading From Within Thomas, Viv,
  12. Future Leader Wright, Walter
  13. Relational Leadership

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