Indonesia's Profile

Indonesia's Profile
Indonesia is the world's archipelagic country, it has a total of 17.508 islands. Indonesia extends between 6 degree country, it was until 11 degree indonesia, and from 97 degree until 144 degree, also it is situated between two continents.i.e. Asia and Australia/Oceania. This strategic location has a significant influence towards its Culture, Social, Politics and Economy.Indonesia's territory extends along 3.977 mile between the indian ocean and the pacific ocean. If the coastal area between the islands be connected, Indonesia's area would become 1.9 million square miles.There are five large islands in indonesia, they are : Sumatera with an area of 473.606 square km, Java with an area of 132.107 square km, Borneo / Kalimantan (The third biggest island in the world) with an area of 539.460 square km, Sulawesi with an are of 189.216 square km, and Papua with an area of 421.981 square km.GEOLOGICAL HISTORY
The islands in Indonesia was formed in the Miocene Era (12 million years BC), Palaecene Era (70 million years BC), Eocene Era (30 million years BC) and Oligacene Era (25 million years BC). With the arrival of people from Asia, Indonesia was believed to have existed in the Pleistocene Era (4 million years BC).The islands were formed due to strong tectonic alterations in Australia and The Pacific.Therfore, this makes Indonesia to be one of the countries that often changes its geological area in the world. The mountains in the Indonesian islands number more than 400 volcanoes, of which 100 are still active.Indonesia suffers vibrations 3 times per day, earthquares occurs once a day, and a minimum of one volcano erupting per year.COUNTRY FOUNDATION
Pancasila is the philosophical foundation of indonesia, which comes from two sanscrit words "PANCA" meaning Five, and "SILA" meaning Principles.Pancasila consists of Five Interconnecting Principles:
The Belief in One God
Humanity which is Civil and Just
A United Indonesia
Wise Representation of Democracy
Social Justice for Every Indonesian Citizen
Indonesia is a Democratic country which is Governed by a presidential system and pancasila constitute the Principles underlying Democracy. Democracy founded upon the Five Principles is called Democracy Pancasila.The country's foundation was announced by President Soekarno (Indonesia's First President) at the republic of Indonesia's Independance Proclamation on the 17th of August 1945.