Tony Evans

Text: Hebrews 13:17–24
Topic: How we must answer our personal calling to impact the world
• A church fails for one of two reasons: poor leadership or lack of congregational support.
• Leaders must lead well, but they need people to follow well, too.
- Hebrews 13:7–24
• The church only develops properly when members play their part; if we fail to do and be what God has called us to do and be, we will never disciple the church or impact the world.

Relate properly to your leadership.
• The writer of Hebrews asks that you simply remember those who have led you; don't take for granted leadership that is leading well.
- 1 Thessalonians 5:12–13
• Hold quality leadership in highest esteem—it's hard to come by!
• The writer of Hebrews says we must also obey our leaders.
• There must be a chain of command in the family of God, marked by obedience.
• We're not talking about blind obedience or dictatorial attitudes.
- 1 Peter 5:3
• On the other hand, there's not to be disrespect for leadership.
• There is to be obedience, as long as what the leader asks of you is commensurate with the Word of God—even if it's not your preference, or you wouldn't do it "that way."
• We are all held accountable in this area of our lives.
• One reason you may not be receiving a blessing in your life is because you have a rebellious attitude.
• One of the most important questions of the church is not only, "Leaders, what have you done for me lately?" There is another question: "Members, what have you done for leaders lately?"
• Along with remembering and obeying your leaders, greet your leaders.
• Illustration: With a greeting of shalom, Hebrews were saying, "How are you, over all?"
• When the writer tells us to greet leaders, he wants us to express personal concern.
• We are to look out for the concerns of our leaders—to be an encouragement for their well-being.

Use your gifts.
• Along with properly relating to leadership, each member of the church is responsible to use his or her God-given talents to serve the rest of the church, building up the body of Christ.
- Ephesians 4
• God has given the church staff to equip the body for works of service; just as you can't build a home without work, you can't build a church without work.
• You only have to have one bad part to stop the whole church.
• You don't hire a pastor or a pastoral team to replace the work of a body; you hire staff to equip you to do the work of ministry.
• A church will not grow, and a body will not expand, unless every member says, "I must play a part."
• I believe it is a sin to benefit from a ministry to which you do not contribute; everyone who claims to be a member of the church but does not use his or her time and talents to serve the church insults God—the one who invited them into his home in the first place.
- 1 Peter 4:10–11
• Spiritual gifts are divine enablements, empowered by the Holy Spirit, that allow you to glorify God and build up his family.
• I would like to suggest that every believer only has one spiritual gift.
• A person may be multi-talented, but they are singularly gifted; the difference is, God has given you one gift at a time to use uniquely for the building and promotion of his body.
- Illustration: God could take a natural love for coaching and so infuse it with the power of the Holy Spirit that young boys are being developed into young, godly men.
• It becomes a spiritual gift when it's being used to glorify God and build up the body.
Support strong family structures.
• A church, Paul insists, must be comprised of strong families, because the church itself is a family.
• Because Satan will attack your family, you must fight for your family.
- 1 Timothy 5:8
• The Greek word for "provide" is a very interesting word, meaning "to think ahead" or "to provide by seeing in advance."
• Man's responsibility is to set a process into motion that assures the progress and well-being of the family.
• Women are to bear children to produce a godly seed to counteract the unrighteous seed.
• Women are to keep house, managing the affairs of the home.
• My challenge for us is simply to become a better membership—and we'll try to be better leaders as we all build this church together.

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