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Congratulations samuel, you are a Socializer. In a moment, you’re going to learn how to use this information to improve all your personal and professional communication and get exactly what you want from everybody you deal with.
An Overview of your Socializer Behavioral Style
Here are some traits found in Socializers. Some of these you’re going to look at and say, “Hey, that sounds just like me!” Others you might say, “No, I’m not like that.” Most of these traits are in your personality, but sometimes, for various reasons, you may not exhibit all of them. Not everyone fits perfectly within these descriptors, but do try to keep an open mind as you read them. Remember, it is perfectly natural to behave differently at work than you do with your family and friends.

1. You prefer to interact often with others at work and at home. This is important to you because you dislike tedium and routine.

2. You especially enjoy running new ideas past other people and gauging their reactions. You tend to make spontaneous decisions.

3.You often buy before you are “sold,” so you may experience “buyer’s remorse” more often than you should.

4. You prefer personal involvement. Others see you as a motivational team player who likes to be involved in groups as opposed to independent activities.
5. You prefer work that provides you with variety and plenty of opportunities to interact with others.

6. You tend to avoid serious issues. You tend to deflect pain with humor. You are a natural at “brainstorming”… few people can generate fresh ideas as quickly as you do. However, follow-through is not one of your strongest attributes. You gravitate toward boisterous parties or people. You also enjoy being “center stage” at social gatherings. Persuasive and charming, you have a gift for getting other people excited about new ideas, opportunities or conquering challenges. Others admire the way you speak.

7. You gain esteem by being around others of power and influence. You also dislike being around negative people.