Journaling with Smart Questions can change your life!

7 P's Personal Performance Process
Journaling with Smart Questions can change your life!

Catch your blind spots, stay on track and improve your habits.
Become more focused, clear, creative, purposeful, aware and balanced.
There is magic in taking time to ask yourself the right questions that will pop out the right answers for you. At least monthly, if not weekly, spend about an hour and answer all of these questions. Be brutally honest with yourself. Once you have answered the questions, create a list of action steps for your next week or month. Do this process regularly and watch your life change.
Patterns, processes, procrastination, habits:
Where can I be more efficient in my life?
What 5 things have I been procrastinating?
What are my time wasters?
What excuses keep me stuck?

Problems, past, pain:
Where am I vulnerable?
Where do I hold myself back?
What am I afraid of?
Where do I not like myself?What stresses me?
How are my strengths perceived as a weakness?
What major block needs to be resolved?
For what problems must I ask for solutions?

Perceptions and perspectives of myself and others:
What are the needs/desires of my boss or partner or family?
What is God's agenda for me?
What contacts or friends do I want to develop more?
How can I enhance my inter-personal skills?
What negative or limiting thoughts keep jumping into my mind?
What key choices am I ready to make?
Prosperity:How can I create another or larger income stream?
How can I increase my overall abundance?
In what areas do I want to receive more learning?
How can I be more productive and effective?

Principles and values:
What 3 areas in my life do I want to recommit to?
Where do I need to clarify my stand or position?
What deeds or actions need my forgiveness or acceptance?
What can I do to increase balance in my life?
What value is most important for me to express now?

Purpose, potential, passion, power, possibilities, path:
What are my deepest heart-felt desires, dreams and visions?
Where are my life purpose and goals unclear?
How can I experience a greater sense of meaning in life?
What new ideas are teasing me these days?
Where are some opportunities for me to give?

Peace of mind, play, pleasure, pamper:
When do I feel greatest happiness in my life?
What can I do to have more fun in all areas of my life?
How can I get more stillness, solitude and peace in my life?

When you have completed the answers and the resulting action steps,
ask yourself, "What am I missing? Is there anything else?" Use questions often. The subconscious mind is always answering. We must only practice asking and then listening

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