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A Successful Servant of GOD :

What is the "Ministry"? It is spoken of so very much in many religious circles today. The word itself means "service." When a person "ministers" they are "serving." The Greek word often translated minister or servant is "diakonos," having two main root-words as possibilities. The first possibility comes from the primitive verb, "dioko," meaning "to flee after, to follow, to press toward, to pursue"--much like our modern day "waiters" and "waitresses." They (ideally) follow after us, making sure our every need is met while we dine in their establishment. The same is true of any household servant, "butler," or "maid"--they are sure to follow after the people in their house, pursuing them to make sure they are having their needs met.The second possibility comes from a combination of two different words: "dia" meaning "through" and "kanos" meaning "dirt"--in other words, one who becomes "through the dirt" with the humility of serving they do. A true "minister" becomes so enthralled in "ministering," that he shows it on his own person, and becomes permeated with the things among which he ministers, not keeping himself from being soiled.

1.A servant of God does not live to please self but to please only God, as Jesus Christ did (Rom. 15:1-3; Phil. 2:7-8; Matt. 20:26-28).

Love Jesus is not enough.But You must know and meet Jesus.
The Church need a man with mental likes St.Paul.

Always Praising GOD in good or bad times.
Do not easy to be angry and blame GOD.
2.Ministry is a Battle in mind and heart.
-Relation with many type of people.
-Ready to serve and do the best for GOD.
-Learning to be passion and Positive thinking.
3. A Ministry is unique
The key of Ministry of GOD.
To see like Jesus view.To think like Jesus Thinking

Setan tidak suka anda Pelayanan.Setan ingin kita berhenti dari pelayanan.Dia berusaha Cari titik terlemah anda.

Anda harus tahu apa itu "Spritual warfare"
Kita melayani Tuhan bukan karena orang mendorong kita.Tetapi kita ada semangat dari dalam diri kita.Dan kita tidak ambil pusing tentang omongan orang baik itu pujian atau cercaan.

Setiap kritik harus didengar.
Satu Kritik dan satu pujian terlalu banyak.Satu pujian bisa membuat anda jadi sombong. Kita tidak perlu penjilat.
Kritik yang baik adalah untuk memperbaiki bukan dengan rasa benci .Kritik untuk menjatuhkan kita.

Cari orang pintar didunia banyak.Tetapi cari orang yang tulus sedikit.
Penghargaan dari manusia terbatas.Tetapi Penghargaan dari Tuhan lebih baik.

Kejahatan terbesar dari pelayanan adalah Egoisme.
Pelayanan perlu pengorbanan dan bayar harga.
1.Korban perasaan
2.Korban Waktu
3.Korban Tenaga
4.Korban Harta atau uang.

Ringkasan kotbah Pst Gilbert.L, Friday Night Prayer, 23 Nov 2007.
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